I can't take it anymore. I'm going to go crazy!

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                 F R E E

Rin or Haru » asked by kurokucchi

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War means fighting, and fighting means killing.
So was it worth it? Why did you become a killer?

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favorite characters fuyuhiko kuzuryuu

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Free! ES ep.5 :Nagisa´s manipulation

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Are we doing it?! Are we gonna zoom? Are we?!

what an angel

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Kaneki Ken + A Tuxedo


Like sugar and cyanide, our worlds are meant to collide ♥

took a trip to Tralion and visited the Love Cottage ♥ Ive been meaning to take gifs of this place.. finally got around to it.. LOVE this place so much! the lyrics are from one of my favorite songs by seether called Tonight, ive been listening to it all morning x.x